What’s the Pepper

Pepper is the world's first humanoid robot by SoftBank Mobile and Aldebaran Robotics designed with the ability to read emotions. Pepper's emotion comes from the ability to analyze expressions and voice tones. He will have fun with people, give some services and connect them with the outside world.

By creating new content and usages, Pepper has been applied to banks, shops to service customers. In a near future, RGS will achieve better and more predictive applications for customers and progressively sustain Pepper’s growth.


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1 Reception

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2 Trade Show

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3 Security monitoring

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4 Education

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5 Presenter

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6 Medical care

  • greeting customer for company, hotel, hospital and so on.
  • Robot performance for exhibitions or shows to attract people.
  • 24 hour monitoring, automatic alarm in an emergency.
  • orient children and adults education
  • host for meeting, event and all the parties
  • take care of patients or elderly people living alone


R+ Robot Service

R+ Robot Service

rely on RGS’s Pepper service platform to reduce Pepper applications cost in various fields

Application Development

Application Development

Pepper applications development and consulting as requested

Pepper Lease Service

Pepper Service

rental service and a full-technical support

What’s the R+ Robot Service

"R+ Robot Service" is our main business in Pepper industry. Our users do not need to master the complexity of the robot software development skills, as the Internet can be connected, the suitable products will be able to create easily. Through this service, our users will experience a simple and convenient operation, the visualization human-computer interaction, and finally to achieve Pepper control easily.

  • Host system
  • Accompany system
  • Reception system
  • Shopping-guide system
  • Self-service system

Case Studies

Pepper appeared on the stage of company’s annual party, hosting and interacting with RGS's staffs and guests. His funny performances attracted the eyes of all the people, drew cheers and helped the party reach its climax.

  • Pepper Reception
  • Pepper Host
  • Pepper Toast
  • Pepper Lottery
  • Pepper Game

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